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Web Design Trends to Look Out in 2021

Web Design Trends to Look Out in 2021

The year has ended and while the new year of 2021 has brought new struggles and quarantine, the creativity in the world of web design isn’t in lockdown. Therefore, while you’re all sitting at your homes and praying for the world to become better, we have excavated web design trends for you. These trends will rise, change and move over the old styles of web designing and give a new meaning to user interactive-ness.

So, without further to do, let us bring to you, the web design trends to look out in 2021.

Texts are made heroes

Background images shed a new light to your website hero (the first thing that loads when your website is opened). However, such images have lost their relevance because people are now looking for more substance. While we can say that a picture is worth a thousand words, text only heroes is one of the Web Design trends 2021 that make it a point to show actual substance, through texts. Subtlety is the new hero and text is the one that has that honour.

The new age of illustrations

When it comes to new web design trends of 2021, one cannot think of illustrations to be one. I mean, pictures are the core of interactivity – being able to communicate mor with the visitors. That being said, the new of illustrations involves involved illustrations.  It’s a way to meld texts and illustrations into a single symphony where every bit of image is detailed enough to be overflowed with information. It’s a way to merge the hero section and the rest of website components together into one neatly wrapped package.

Going old-school in colours and texts

When you think of old school – the time before the internet – what comes to your mind? You probably think of artistic typography and colour choices that focus a lot on the human element of any written material. Those were the days where emotions of the customer drove products towards marketing in an artistically expressive way. Those days have now returned. With emotional marketing being the greatest form of marketing and storytelling being the greatest form of escape, vintage colours and fonts are now being used to engage customers at a much larger scale.

Websites with no Colour

Aggressive colouring within a website might make people stop and notice your website, it doesn’t help those people stay. Therefore, in 2021, we are seeing a new trend of no colour. Going black and white or completely colourless, websites now have more substance than ever. Being monochromatic isn’t bad, if you are doing it right. By only using black and white, the designers have been able to attract worthy leads and ensure higher returns.

No more invisible grids

Grid system allows the designers to maintain the look and organization of the website. It’s a nice way to keep everything in order as you move along. However now, things are changing. By making the grids more visible, designers have been able to create more pronounced designs that help the users interact with the website more easily. It’s not a fully realized trend yet but, it’s slowly taking form.


2021 might have started on a not-so-good note, but it will eventually get better. Therefore, you should prime yourself with a good website. If you happen to ask yourself “what is a good website development company near me”, you’ll be happy to know that Designingkeeda is here for you.

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