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How Social Media can Help your Sales

How Social Media can Help your Sales

There is nothing more relevant than social media these days. From connecting to friends to playing games; from looking for latest trends to looking for latest news and from looking for latest products to searching for a good quote, everything has been captured by the social media. News, fake as it may be is believed and reacted to on the social media. This is a negative point but let us think for a second, think of how much you can get in return if you use social media to sell your articles.

That forms of the core of our blog. Through here, you will know the way to sell through social media. If you read these ways and integrate them into your business, then you would be able to enjoy success sooner than you can expect.

Follow your audiences

Social media platforms are many and not all of them are created equal. For every Facebook, there is an Orkut, for every LinkedIn; there is a Friendster and so on. Therefore, you need be most active on social media websites where your audiences are. Now, depending upon whether you are B2B or B2C, your preferences will be different. If your demographic consists of business professionals, you have to move to platforms like LinkedIn. However, if these business professionals are media personalities or fashionistas, being on Instagram will suit your better. If your audience consists of regular individuals, you have a choice between Instagram, Facebook.

Deciding your demographic and where your audience lies is the core of using social media for business.

Rope in Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is a term nowadays. Furthermore, the “social media influencers” have a sort of sway over people, or for a better term, their followers. By onboarding influencers on social media, you are helping your business being part of the hip crowd. Through these influencers, the trust that they earn from their audience can be directed towards you. And this will give rise to emotional marketing.

And when there is emotional marketing involved, you are not just getting ne customers, but are also retaining them. This is the way to use social media for business promotion

Turn your customers in thought leaders

It’s nice when you have real people advocating for your products. However, for that to happen, you need to convert your customers into thought leaders. The social media posts you put out there should not just be quotes, or just be offers, they should be like tiny pieces of gold that have a lot of information in them. The more robust posts the better. You can say a lot with a lot less words, and this is how you can do it.

Create small, digestible and informative posts that can help people understand your brand better. Soon, they will become your advocate and you’ll have used social media for business growth.

Share content generated by the users

Engagement is the key factor in social media marketing. When you are employing social media for business development, you should be as transparent as possible. Therefore, you should allow user generated content to be posted. People won’t trust you right away. However, when they have an unbiased perspective from the user generated content, they will recognize you sooner.


Are you looking for engaging social media marketing for your business? If so, we have digital marketing service providers from our end to help you. We, of Designingkeeda will help you stay relevant to the people – pushing your business forward.

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