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Web Portal Development

In a world where we need everything to be compact, why would a website be any different. Through web portal development, you can get a website that has a bit of everything.

Providing you end to end web portal development services from initial development to design to maintenance, Designing Keeda ensures that your industry needs are fulfilled by a single website.

Web portals that we specialize at:

Here are some points for web portals.


B2B Web Portal

Comprehensive Customer-Sel-service, is the secret mantra behind B2B customer portal. From streamlining online sales to recording and managing the costs, our B2B portal is a powerful tool where your audience won’t just engage with the website, but also use it as a platform to engage with each other. Beat the competition with the following services that only Designing Keeda can provide effectively:

  • Price Calculation the automated way
  • Simple ordering tools, comparison tools and description tools
  • Content personalization as per your customer’s needs
  • Order tracking, social engagement and more

B2C Web Portal

From selling goods to providing services, a B2C web portal is the right tool if you want to foster long term relationships with your customer. Taking parameters like response time, credibility, content and reliability as the bare minimum, we provide you a B2C web portal with a considerable range of functions that include:

  • Order Placement
  • Service and Order management
  • Recommendations
  • History integration
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Daily announcements

Providing these services with the help of our industry rich experience, we hope to provide you nothing less than the best.


Partner Portal

Partner Portal is the key player where engaging the users is the sport. By implementing all our efforts in ensuring that your channel partners have the right accessibility you wish for them to have, we ensure that engagement is maintained at all times. As web developers of partner portals, we off the belief that specialized content pages are for everyone, not just the main vendor. Thus, we ensure that all are provided with maximum engagement.


Vendor Portal

Through our vendor portals, you can setup a collaborative platform on which you can share information with your vendors. Our specialized vendor portals support:

  • Access control based on roles
  • Information verification
  • Updates and setup dates for delivery
  • Claim management and settlement
  • Stats about purchases

Let Designing keeda develop your web development portal that creates a win win situation both for you, and your vendor.


Community Portal

Want to show your e world to the world beyond? Get us web developers to make you a community portal. With strong and user friendly interface, chat forums, event integration, media file integration and more, we will develop a community portal for you that encourages collaboration within your community.


Learning Portal

The learning portals that we have designed till have helped several private institutions. While we are now planning to enter in the government domain too, you can get benefitted from our learning portal. Keeping the requirements of your trainers at the forefront, we provide custom web portals designed as per the requirements of the lessons.


You can get our nuanced web portal development services at the rates that won’t burn a whole in your pocket and within time that won’t make you wait.

Contact us today as your dream web portal awaits.

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