E-commerce Development

Easy and Effective Ecommerce Solutions

Security, complete flexibility and ease of use: these are the three tenets of E-Commerce development that our developers work towards.

Your shopping mall doesn’t need brick and mortar anymore. Nor does it need a register to catalogue all its inventory. It also doesn’t need a door anymore, nor does it need the hardware for a shopping cart. All it needs is an E Commerce Website.

E Commerce or Commerce over internet have changed shopping for everyone. What was once a structure of brick, cement and mortal is now made of few lines of code.

What was once a special section of products has now turned into product page. And, what once required the need of cashier has now turned into a payment gateway.

It has opened several venues for the modern day entrepreneur. But, it has also created new security issues. Therefore, take care of both.

They provide you the best E commerce applications and website while taking care of your security.

There are Five Fantastic Factors that make an E Commerce Website

What makes a good E-Commerce Website?

    Factor 1 :

  • A Good E Commerce website loads faster: People are impatient. They aren’t going to wait for your website to load at your time. Thus, a good E Commerce Website has to provide the answer as soon as your customer clicks on your page.

  • Factor 2 :

  • A Good E commerce website provides easy navigation: People are now more on the websites rather than the malls because they hate getting lost. Instead of finding the aisle of the products they want, they merely want to enter the name of the product. Thus, a food e commerce website is easy to navigate.

  • Factor 3 :

  • A Good E Commerce Website Looks Great: As your customer walks inside your shopping mall, your first appearance can either make them stay, or go away. A good e commerce website therefore provides good aesthetics. It looks good and makes your audience feels good. That feel food factor let’s them stay and browse more.

    Factor 4 :

  • A Good E Commerce website provides secure payment option: By creating a secure payment line between your customer’s account and your site, you ensure that customers doesn’t involuntarily shares any information that they don’t want to. From enhanced encryption to two step verification, a good e commerce website does everything in its power to protect the customer’s data.

  • Factor 5 :

  • A good e commerce website provides the right call to actions: Your audience should know how to get in touch with you for help. Thus, for a good e commerce website, you have to put the best call to action practices. You can start designing your website and achieve great success at it, but it won’t be able to grab customer’s if it doesn’t have a good CTA.

Designing Keeda is well-versed with those factors. So, if you want your E Commerce Website developed, you can reach out to us at any time. Get your E commerce website here.