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Optimal book cover designs that cover everything from simple patterns to complex art. Designing Keeda creates book cover by combining the artistic talent and software knowledge of our designers.

One of the biggest misunderstood lines in the world is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Considering that it exist in the same world with the line “First impression is the last one”, you can understand our confusion. The first term is merely used to hide mediocrity and Designing Keeda is anything but mediocre.

Our book covers capture the essence of your subject. Are you looking for simple design with a few texts, we can provide them to you? Are you looking for more eye-catching cover with custom made designs, we can provide you that too.

How to Know

What sets up apart from the rest is our willingness to go an extra mile when providing you the designs?

Whether it’s a simple design that focuses on the simplicity of your book or an eye popping design that focuses on the fantastical elements of it, our designers are here for you.

  • We keep in mind the colour contrast of your book cover to focus on things that you deem important.

  • We focus on simple subtext so that our designs shine through your cover.

  • Instead of creating a collage, we focus on creating a scene, drawing in your potential reader from the start.

  • We may use tech to create your designs, but it’s our human elements that ad a creative flair to your books.

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Layout Design

We go for the same artistic attitude as our book covers in our layout design services. We carry forward with a unique streak creating designs for layouts that focus on the context as well as the content.

Layouts are a way to present information in a clear cut format that can understood and appreciated by the reader. By implementing the best practices, we make sure that our layouts are:

  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • specific
  • Customized
  • and artistic as per your requirements.

Our designs are made by flexibly utilizing spaces, ensuring coordination and creating better visibility for the reader.

Get customized layouts for your websites, books and other creative creations today.