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Due to the ongoing digital revolution in India, its citizen’s personal lives have become much, much larger. With 24x7x365 access to the internet, people are now more connected to their needs and each other than ever before. As an entrepreneur, you now have the potential to cater to your customers through that very connection. In the country where the modern businesses are built of transparency and brand advocacy, you now have the potential to be the heroes to these people, providing them with all that they need.

However, not every fruit of the tree grows the same. Digital evolution dictates that you get ahead of the curve by creating websites that can engage with the people at an emotional level. Websites that become a natural guide of your visitors, helping them navigate your brand thoroughly, hereby granting you the ability to create marketing strategies, turning these visitors into customers. Designing such websites is the goal of Designing Keeda.

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Our Website Designing Process

When a business needs a new website or they want to replace their existing one, they usually pass the project into the hands of a recommended web design and development agency.



From the online design agency’s point of view, the brief is usually their first contact with the project or maybe with the client itself. it's also usually the foremost important step for both parties since everything discussed here will influence the top result. this is often why the client must confirm to supply the clearest and most detailed brief possible.



During this step, through research and brainstorming sessions, the team will outline the primary ideas and ideas for the web site that might fit the client’s specifications. An important a part of this is often usually the knowledge architecture, which basically defines how the content are going to be structured throughout the web site and the way a visitor will access it.



This is the step where the web site starts to require shape. the online designer will now have all the info needed to start out performing on the particular look of this project. The combination of logo and colour scheme forms the idea of the company’s visual identity and influence how the visitors perceive the brand. Also, whether images appear in headers, sliders or as backgrounds, the simplest web designs use carefully chosen graphic design and artwork imagery to assist reinforce the company’s main messages.



This is where we go behind the scenes to supply the particular website “feel”. the online development company now has got to develop an internet site to satisfy all the wants identified within the planning phase.