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Custom Graphic Design Services We Offer

Graphics have been around since the cave paintings. Back when the time when words were not enough, it was graphics that let us know the stories of the old. Even today, words are still not enough. And that’s why Designing Keeda still want to tell your story in a thousand words, but putting them all into a picture.

From Brochures to pamphlets, from adverts to books and from letter head to labels, our artistic outlook combined with your professional necessity yield the best results that you can imagine.

Professional Letterhead Design Samples

There are several standards with regard to page dimensions and legal requirements which impact layout.

We design the letterhead or invoice to your standards, this suggests your local printer will have the right files they have when the time involves printing – avoiding any potential format issues.

If you'd like better to use a web letterhead printer I can prep the files set to their dimensions – saving you time and energy of converting formats. Usually, we include the letterhead template and envelope within an extended branding package. But if page layout is all you would like , we will quote for that.

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Graphic Design services we offer

Designing Keeda strives to prove complete solutions. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned when understanding complete concept of the Graphic.

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Our Graphic Desiging Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.


Research and Discovery

Research will cause you to a far better designer, saving you tons of thinking time. This step is crucial. You'll become more engaged with the client's needs, making your design far superior than the remainder . Don't skip this step as a while spent on research (up to 30 mins) will offer you a plus .


Sketch Concepts

Now is the time to tug all of your ideas together. Start by creating symbols or motifs. Explore and test typefaces and confine mind the newest logo and graphic design trends when you're working. confirm to jot all of your ideas down.


Build On Your Concepts

Develop 3 to five different finished concepts to offer your client some choice. they ought to be easy to digitalise since you created the sketches. If you can, explain your concepts to the client during a design rationale, which explains the explanations behind each concept. PRO TIP: You'll look more knowledgable if you've done some research. Remember to like all of your concepts. Don't create something you do not like and obtain upset when the client chooses it.


Evolve and Iterate Your Concept

The client might want you to combine and match from all concepts you've got presented or come up with something entirely.

It's not unusual for clients to form requests for small design tweaks. actually , as a designer, it's a part of the work to try to to design amendments. Again, confine mind the time restraints and budget. Think if it's worth creating many changes, if not then communicate this to your client.