What Is

Pay Per Click Advertising

Want to go inorganically? Pay per click advertising can help you do that. By implementing the best pricing strategies with the best adverts, we make sure that your advert is not only worthy enough to be at the top, but engaging enough to attract valuable leads.

PPC or Pay per click advertising is a digital marketing method where as an advertiser, you have to pay each time when your add is clicked. Consider it a cheat sheet of the internet traffic. Instead of organically growing your website, you take the inorganic route – using money and good ads to stay on top.


Why go inorganic?

When you are providing highly competitive services, you can’t hope to achieve good results quickly. You have to find ways to get ahead in the race. That’s where Designing Keeda Offers pay per click advertising. Through it, you can:

  • Directly contribute to your business goals by providing services and content that you want to write and provide. It gives you a middle ground where you can achieve your goals without resorting to the difficult task of storytelling.

  • Measure your success by engaging with Google Analytics to see exactly how much of your leads are converting and how much of these leads are going down the marketing funnel.

  • Get entry fast in a market that has too high of a competition. PPC ensures that even if you’re new in the field, your voice is heard by the people who are searching the web.

  • Control every aspect of your campaign As you are in control, you can customize every aspect of your advert. Play around with the options and through trial and error choose what works best for you.

  • Target a specific niche Through customized options, you can decide the demographic you want to target through your ad. Through smart ads, you’ll receive information how you ad is effective against your target.

What is our X Factor?

At Designing Keeda we provide PPC advertising that is:

  • Strategic in terms of pricing
  • Home to precise content as per your requirement
  • Capable to reaching a specific target with maximum effect
  • Capable of giving you quick access into highly competitive markets.

So, when you are ready, it’s time to inorganically grow your traffic.